Dr. Pankaj Mangalkumar Joshi

MAILING ADDRESS:Flat No 101, Hariprabha Apartments, Plot Number 28, Girija Society, Paud Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India Zip code – 411038
EMAIL ID:drpankajmjoshi@gmail.com
CONTACT NUMBER:+91-9923406464
DATE Of Birth:December 01, 1978
ATTRIBUTE:Dr. Pankaj specializes in Genitourinary Reconstructive He completed Masters in General Surgery from University of Mumbai and DNB in Urology in Pune. He achieved the highest honor in the field; The H S Bhat Gold Medal in the final exit examination conducted by the National Board, Urology (DNB) in 2010. For over six years, he has been actively associated with Center for Reconstructive Urology, Pune working as a core team member under the able guidance of Dr. Sanjay B Kulkarni, who is the recipient of Dr. B. C. Roy Award (2006)
Dr. Pankaj is passionate about his work, an avid researcher. His has innovated novel technique (MRI in Pelvic fractures) and device (Penile retractor) which has won the third prize at BANTU, SIU 2017. This retractor is very useful for management of hypospadias, penile surgeries including Peyronies disease. It is self-retaining and improves surgeon as well as assistant ergonomics.
Pankaj won the prestigious IAUA Chakraborty Fellowship for 2018 and visited Cleveland Clinic.


DNB (Urology)
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune
MS (General Surgery)
B Y L Nair Hospital & Topiwala National Medical College, University of Mumbai
Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, University of Mumbai


Consultant Urologist
Specialty- Reconstructive Urology

• Center for Reconstructive Urology, Pune


Reconstructive Urology Fellowship (June 2011 till December 2011)
• Center for Reconstructive Urology, Kulkarni Endosurgery institute, Pune


DNB (Urology)
• Dr H S Bhat Gold Medal in Urology for standing first in National Board of Examinations, 2010
MS (General Surgery): Highest in College and Second in University of Mumbai
• B Braun Medical Trust Foundation Scholarship for year 2006 for outstanding achievement in the field of General Surgery.
MBBS III: Gold Medal in Preventive and Social Medicine; Distinction in Gyanecology & Obstetrics
• Dr Raphel J.J Lobo scholarship for Highest marks in Preventive & Social Medicine, University Exams, 2000
MBBS II: Distinction in Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology
MBBS I: Distinction in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry Secondary School Certificate Exam (Class X):
• Highest Marks in Maths in Maharashtra State Board SSC Exams, 1994.


• Penile Clampotractor- {Joshi Kulkarni retractor} for Hypospadias and penile urethroplasty
• Use of Vicryl tackers for buccal graft quilting
• A new MRI technique for assessing PFUDD
• 3 D Printing of the models depicting PFUDD

Upcoming Assignments

Committee member for formation of USI Guidelines in Stricture Urethra
Committee member for forming guidelines in failed hypospadias for SIU ,2018 Seoul, Korea


Conducted an 3 hours Program in Reconstructive Urology, Urology Society of India, Annual Conference.
Management of Urethral Strictures, Doha, Qatar
Pedicled Preputial Tube for Bulbar Urethral Necrosis, Hyderabad, ISORU Annual Meeting
Moderated the session on Pelvic Fracture at the AUA Annual Meeting, Chicago,2019
Management of Anterior Urethral Strictures, Alexandria ,Egypt
Conducted the reconstructive Urology session at West Zone, Urology Society of India annual meeting, Rajkot


Management of Complex PFUDD, SIU Meeting, Portugal
Urethral Strictures and its Management, BAHAMAS
Video presentation in Stricture urethra session at USICON
Management of urethral strictures-USI-Bangladesh Urology joint meeting, Jaipur, USICON 2018
Failed Hypospadias video, Manipal 2018
Failed hypospadias: Novel techniques, Consultation on Congenitilism, Cleveland Clinic, USA
Management of anterior urethral Strictures, Nepal Urology Annual Meeting, Kathmandu
Convened a session on Complications of Urology-reconstruction: Nadiad, MPUH,2018


AUA 2017 Boston. Plenary session. Management of panurethral strictures
Single center experience in management of Lichen Sclerosus associated strictures, Pre-SIU congress, Lisbon, 2017
Management of Post TURP strictures, UROMEET, New Delhi, 2017
Management of bulbar urethral necrosis, PENRECON, Ahmedabad, 2017
Are Urologists getting French Fried? ESD Conference, Dubai 2017
Management of Complex posterior urethral injuries, Complex Urethroplasty Workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal 2017


Is surgery necessary for management of varicocele, Debate, WZUSICON Lonavala
Management of Bulbar Urethral Necrosis, WZUSICON, Baroda
Management of Panurethral stricture: One stage, dorsal onlay, penile invagination technique-GURS Session, AUA 2014, Orlando
Management of Bulbar urethral ischemic necrosis-Russian Section meeting at AUA 2014
Videos on Anterior Urethroplasty-Instructional Course. SIU 2014 Glasgow
Bulbar Necrosis. Plenary Session, West Zone Urology Society of India meeting, Baroda, 2014



• Vijayawada Best Poster Prize. Novel DVIU techniques in the Management of Urethral strictures. Annual Meeting Urology Society of India ,Bhubaneshwar


• IAUA Chakraborthy Fellowship, AUA,2018. Attended Cleveland Clinic • Best Poster Award: Use of vicryl tackers for quilting buccal graft, AUA meeting-Indian Session,2018 San Francisco
• Second Best Video award at West Zone Urology Meeting at Raipur
.Intraluminal BMG urethroplasty for female urethral strictures.


• BANTU (Best affordable and new technologies in Urology): 3rd Prize for Clampotractor – A novel self-retaining retractor for penile reconstructive surgery: improving surgeon’s ergonomics. SIU, Lisbon Vijayawada Best Poster Prize. USICON 2017 Mumbai. (Annual Conference of Urological Society of India) Decision making in Bulbar urethroplasty buccal graft augmentation: Dorsal versus Ventral approach.


• C K P Menon Best Paper. USICON 2016, Hyderabad. Are urologists getting French Fried?
• UAA-USI (Urology Association of Asia and Urology Society of India) Fellowship for the UAA Annual Congress at Singapore,2016
• My paper was considered for presentation at “Best of the Best” abstract category at UAA, Singapore, 2016.


• Vijayawada Best Poster Prize. USICON 2015, Ranchi Bulbar Urethral Necrosis after failed Urethroplasty for pelvic fracture urethral distraction defects
• Brij Kishore Patna Best Paper Prize. USICON 2015, Ranchi Management of Hypospadias cripple


• Vijayawada Best Poster Prize. USICON 2012, Bangalore. Management of Panurethral Stricture


Best Video Prize: WZUSICON, Khajuraho Laparoscopy assisted PCNL in pelvic kidney stones.



• Reconstructive Urology Workshop, Doha, Qatar
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