Professor of Surgery & AlliedSir Syed College of Medical Sciences KarachiChairman and Head of the department of Urology (Retired)Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi, Pakistan


M.B.B.S., F.R.C.S. (Ed)


Professor of Surgery and Allied, Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences Karachi.
Professor and Chairman Department of Urology Dow University of Health Sciences. Karachi, Pakistan
Visiting Consultant Urologist;
The Kidney Centre Postgraduate Training Institute. Karachi
Royal institute of medicine and surgery. Karachi


• Kidderminster General Hospital Birmingham. U.K
• Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury. U.K
• Central Middlesex Hospital London. U.K
• Dow University of Health Sciences. Karachi, Pakistan


Master trainer in urolithiasis.Delivered lectures and conductedWorkshops on PCNL and supinePCNL held all overPakistan.

INTERNATIONAL EVENTS:Trainer & Invited Faculty

1. PERCON live PCNL operative Conference at New Delhi INDIA 2014
2. International Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU) Conference Kathmandu Nepal 2015
3. USICON Conference Lucknow, Utter Pradesh, INDIA 2015
4. USI Golden Jubilee Conference Mumbai, INDIA 2017
5. Golden bridge international urology conference Kunming CHINA 2016, 2017,2018 and 2019
6. Caribbean Urology Association annual conference Port of Spain, West Indies 2017
7. ESD regional conference Islamabad 2016
8. STONECON international conference Islamabad 2017
9. International Alliance of urolithiasis (IAU) Conference Istanbul Turkey,2018
10. 13th BAUSCON International conference Sylhet, BANGLADESH 2019
11. 1st Oman urology society conference 2019 at Muscat 3-5 October 2019
12. Percutaneous and Endoscopic Renal surgery Course 2019,Manila Philippine,11-12 October 2019
13. 11th Iranian endourology and urolaparoscopy society congress, 4-6 December 2019


• Tubeless PCNL in Pakistan
• PCNL in Supine Position in Asia
• Inventor of technique for Ante gradeDouble-J stent insertion


1. President Elect Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (Centre) 2011-2013.
2. President Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (Karachi chapter) 2007-2009
3. Finance secretary Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (Centre) 2005-2007
4. President house officer Association KVSS hospital Karachi 1980-1981
5. President Sind medical college students union (Jinnah Sindh Medical University) 1975-1976
6. President Student organization Sind medical college 1973-1978


1. Member Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons.
2. Life Member International Urolithiasis Alliance.
3. Life member Caribbean urological Association
4. Member Urological association of Utter Pradesh India
5. Vice President, The Golden Bridge International Urology Alliance


1. Stone diseases in urology
2. Prostate diseases
3. Incontinence
4. Reconstructive urology
5. Bio-ethical issues


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2. Rana A.M. Comparison of results of Ureteroscopy for Proximal and Distal Ureteral Calculi using Rigid Ureteroscope. Medical Channel, 2005 volume 11, 50-60.
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12. Aquil S, Rana M, Zaidi Z. Laparoscopic assisted percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in ectopic pelvic kidney. J Pak Med Association 2006; 56:381-383.


1. PCNL procedure, Comparison in prone position and supine position.
2. Percutaneous Nephrostomy and ante grade Double J stent insertion: the innovative technique.
3. Tubeless PCNL in children


1. Tubeless PCNL as a day care procedure.
2. Fast Tract PCNL; made simple through ante grade Access Directly
3. Randomized Study of Comparison of PCNL in Supine and Prone Position
4. PCNL in Un-dilated Pelvicaliceal System.


Discharging responsibilities as peer reviewer for:
• Journal of Endourology, USA
• Journal of Urology USA
• Urology Gold USA.
• British Journal of Urology international
• Current Urology, Sweden
• BioMedical Journal, UK.
• Iranian Journal of Urology and Nephrology.
• Journal of Pakistan Medical Association. (JPMA)
• Various medical journals published in Pakistan
• Reviewer for more than10 on line journals all over the world